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Canada: Where Dreams Take Flight

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Are you scared of leaving everything behind to study abroad? Do you also intend to pursue both a career and a degree abroad?

Do not be discouraged by the countless study abroad myths that exist nowadays, it might be the best decision. Even though it might feel like there are many challenges between choosing a degree and showing up on campus, careful planning and a positive perspective can help you to achieve your study abroad. The main decisions you'll need to make are when to study abroad, what to study, and how to pay for it.

This may be the one and only chance for the majority of students to spend a significant amount of time abroad. You'll eventually land finding a job and a profession, and the opportunity to study abroad might end up being a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

For a variety of reasons, studying in Canada is becoming more and more popular. The majority of foreign students are attracted to higher education because of its numerous advantages, which includes;

  • Getting a world-class education and universities

  • Experiencing a new culture and environment

  • Gain linguistic and professional skills

  • Developing a global mentality

Even though it can be intimidating for some students to leave home and start a new journey in Canada, studying abroad is an exciting adventure that often results in more outstanding professional opportunities and a deeper understanding of how the world works.

So, choose a country based on both your personal interests and the academic standing of the country to maintain a good professional balance.

Why to study in Canada?


Best Courses to Study Abroad

You might already be sure of the career you wish to pursue, or you might be deciding between some of the most-preferred courses. Whatever the case may be, now it is the time for you to decide which direction you should go. You can research the about your course, your employment options, and the university. Also, it must be something that inspires and motivates you to study abroad.

Here’s a list of 5 best overseas study programs that can help you to grow and acquire multiple opportunities:

  • IT and computer science

  • Engineering for Business and Management

  • Mathematics\Law\Medicine

  • Healthcare Courses

  • Travel & Tourism

The most important thing to do after accepting the offer letter is to apply for your student visa. Not everyone will be required to apply for a visa, but if you do, you must be prepared with all the mandatory documents. If you want to study in nations like Canada, the US, Australia, China, the UK, and others, you will require a visa.

Here’s a list of the documents that are mandatory to obtain a study visa:

  • Evidence of admission

  • Passport

  • Result of linguistic proficiency test

  • Proof of financial capability

  • Passport-sized pictures

  • Previous academic history

How to apply for student visa?

Scholarships to study abroad

There are various scholarships that the government provides you to study overseas, RIGHT RESEARCH and BEST ADVICE can help you to obtain the best fit for you. Scholarships are mostly divided into further categories:

  • Merit-Based: In this case, eligibility is determined by a student's academic performance or accomplishments in extracurricular activities, such as sports or volunteer work. For the merit-based scholarship, a candidate with more academic excellence is recommended.

  • Student’s centric: Scholarships depend on the applicant's characteristics like family income, profile, work experience, skills, etc. Some nations or organizations may also take into account scholarships based on a specific medical background or condition.

  • Preferred Destination: Students from a particular nation can receive money and scholarships from a number of government organizations, and universities. For instance, the governments of New Zealand and the United Kingdom provide fellowships for international students from Commonwealth nations.

  • Specific courses: Certain universities offer scholarships to students who want to concentrate on a particular field of study. For instance, if a student wants to pursue an MBA, the student can obtain a scholarship from organizations offering the same for this specific category.

  • According to needs: These scholarships are provided in accordance with need and are targeted towards students who are financially struggling to make their study abroad dream come true. You might be required to provide information about your family's income and submit documents like ITRs, employment certificates, income proofs, etc. in order to be considered for these kinds of scholarships.

  • For athletes: The best sportspersons are majorly eligible for this kind of scholarship program. You must balance your studies with the demands of the studentship, which include participating in training sections which are in-demand and representing your university at competitions.



We hope that at this point you have a good idea of how to study abroad, budget planning, best programs and so on.

So, are you Excited? You ought to be. You're all set to travel abroad! One of the most interesting, enjoyable, empowering, and challenging chapters of your life are about to begin. At the end of it, you'll become a better person. Now go have some unforgettable experiences!

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