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Provincial Nominee Program

A program for Canadian citizens seeking permanent residency in a province or territory is known as the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The provincial nominee program differs in each province or territory in Canada and is created to satisfy the requirements of the regional labor market.

The number of immigrants invited for permanent residency through PNPs has increased as a result of increase in federal government allocations over time. Between 2020 and 2023, Canada planned to admit nearly 200,000 people via PNP.

Types of PNPs in Canada

To bring competent foreign talent to Canadian provinces with a shortage of skilled workers, the Canada Provincial Nominee Program was established. Through the PNP program, thousands of qualified applicants has migrated and permanently settled in Canada.

Each of Canada's provinces and territories has a PNP with a variety of immigration streams. The following are some of the top Canadian provinces for applications to this program:

  • British Columbia PNP

  • Canadian PNP

  • Prince Edward Island PNP

  • Saskatchewan PNP

  • Nova Scotia PNP

Now, it is the ideal time to select your PNP program, if you are a skilled professional with experience in technology, finance, education, marketing, or healthcare. If you want to immigrate to Canada and live in a province where you can contribute to the economy and reside permanently, you can apply under the PNP option.

In Canada, the federal government, not the provincial government, makes all final decisions regarding immigration. PNPs are a two-step process as a result; you must first submit an application to the province for provincial nomination. If the province grants its approval, you must next apply again to the federal government for permanent resident status in Canada.

To apply for your preferred PNP, follow these simple steps:

  • Find out if you qualify: To track available PNPs and check your eligibility for the many alternatives available, use the PNP Live Tracker.

  • Fill out an application for the Provincial Nominee Program: Fill out the province or territory's application.

  • Obtain your certificate of provincial nomination: You will receive if your application is complete and you are qualified.

  • Obtain your official Provincial Nomination certificate. If your application is complete and you are qualified, you will be provided with this document, which will allow you to move on to the next phase.

  • Submit your application for permanent residence: Submit an application for Canadian permanent residency to the federal government. You may apply through Express Entry if your nomination came from a PNP that is linked with Express Entry. Otherwise, a paper-based application must be submitted.

While certain PNP streams accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis, others require that applicants first submit an Expression of Interest. Additionally, some PNP streams—known as "base" streams—operate independently of the federal Express Entry immigration system, and other PNP streams are coordinated with Express Entry.

How to apply for Canada PR through PNP?

Processing time for Provincial Nomination Program

  • Whether an application is filed through a PNP stream that is linked to Express Entry or one of the other PNP streams that is not linked to Express Entry will significantly affect how quickly it is processed.

  • The first application to the province and the ultimate application for permanent residence to the federal government both require processing times, which applicants should anticipate.

  • The majority of provinces have reduced their processing timeframes to a few months or perhaps a few weeks. The government processing period for applications under Express Entry is still six months. Paper-based applications, also known as non-Express Entry linked applications, often take 1-2 years to process at the federal level.

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