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Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)

Canada's Ontario Province, which is in the center of the country, is the most well-known entrance point for immigrants from abroad. The nation's capital, Ottawa, and the country's economic center, Toronto City, are both located there. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the term of Ontario's provincial nominee program. In order to address the province's labour market needs and boost its economy, Ontario uses this program to grant Permanent Residence to a selected group of immigrant applicants.

Why to migrate to Ontario?

  1. The richest province in Canada, Ontario, possesses a sizable portion of the nation's natural resources as well as a diverse industrial sector. About four-fifths of the province's population currently lives in cities, towns, and suburbs, making urban areas the province's predominant setting. After Quebec, Ontario is the largest Canadian province by area.

  2. The US is to the south of Ontario, Quebec is to the east, and Manitoba is to the west. Ontario's northern border is where James Bay and Hudson Bay are located.

  3. Almost 100,000 open positions

  4. The minimum CRS score is 400.

  5. Simple route to settling in Canada

  6. Inviting 9,750 immigrants in 2022

  7. High need for expertise in technology and healthcare

  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program, or Ontario PNP, is a network of immigration routes that let people from other countries apply for the Canada PR Visa. The Ontario PNP has been created to draw immigrants to the province in areas where there is a scarcity of labor, such as skilled workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

  • Candidates may immediately apply for an Ontario nomination from one of five streams. Each stream is separated into a number of smaller groups.

Different immigration streams under Ontario PNP

Human Capital Program Ontario

  • The Human Capital Program of Ontario includes a number of immigration classes that seek out applicants required for the province's workforce. These streams place a high significance on experience, aptitudes, or talents that show an immigrant's ease of integration into the Ontario job market. Immigrants who fit the criteria listed below, including possessing Express Entry profiles, having completed their schooling or employment in the province, and speaking both French and English fluently, are more likely to succeed:

  • Priorities for Human Capital Express Entry

  • French-speaking Express Entry Skilled Worker

  • Skilled Trades Express Entry

  • Graduates

  •  Master’s Degree, and Doctorate

  • Applicants with an appropriate work offer from a company in the province are authorized to apply through Ontario's employer job offer immigration streams. To be accepted as valid, the job offer and the employer must both meet certain requirements. The candidate must also meet certain admissibility requirements based on the stream to which they are willing to apply.

  • overseas employee

  • an international student with a job offer

  • Skills Required

Employer Job Offer Ontario

Business Immigration Program Ontario

  • Big corporations and entrepreneurs who are interested in making sizable investments for business development in the province are the target audience for Ontario's business migration streams. In Ontario, corporations and entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success are eligible to launch new businesses. If these projects are accomplished, the applicants involved will be considered for a Canada PR visa.

  • Entrepreneur

  • Investor (Currently Closed)

  • Company - (Currently Closed)

  • The province of Ontario is well known for its celebration of multiculturalism, and Toronto has gained the label of being the most multicultural city in the world.

  • Applicants that are interested in moving to the province must go through a two-stage process:

  • Submit an application for nomination to the Ontario government

  • If your province has selected you, submit an application to the federal government of Canada for permanent residence

Ontario Immigration Process


  • Canada welcomes immigrants with diverse skills, work experience, and education to contribute to the economy and make a new life. The Provincial Nominee Program in Canada (PNP) is available in 11 provinces and territories.

  • Do you know? We have assisted thousands of people to immigrate to Canada. We have established our niche in the rapidly expanding immigration market thanks to our depth of knowledge, solid reputation, and goodwill.

  • We will provide you with step by step guidance to complete your application and the best route to Canada with the support of our knowledgeable experts.

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