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Who are we?

Europe Visa Wale a Unit of Sernexuss Immigration, At  Europe Visa Wale, our mission is to guide individuals and families on their journey to a new life in Europe. We are committed to providing expert immigration services that are personalized, efficient, and transparent, ensuring that our clients experience a smooth and successful immigration process.

Why Choose Europe?

There are many benefits to working in Europe, so if you're considering about settling down and building a career there, you're on the right track. In terms of the OECD Better Life Index, Europe is ranked well. In terms of life expectancy, air and water quality, employment possibilities, and educational standards, the continent has excellent rankings. These are justifications for working in Europe.

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Most European countries have social security schemes but how they are applied varies between countries. France, Denmark, and Spain have the most generous social security schemes in Europe. 


Europe is home to some of the world’s largest companies and home to innovative corporations in fast-growing sectors. The benefits to employees make it an attractive career destination.

With an average of four weeks of paid leave each year, excluding public holidays, European countries provide a chance for a better work-life balance. The daily work schedule is appropriate and leaves time for extracurricular activities.

In reality, among the OECD nations, Denmark has the best work-life balance. The top five European nations for work-life balance are as follows:

  1. Denmark

  2. Spain

  3. Belgium

  4. Norway

Public holidays are also given generously in some EU nations. The ability to balance work and life is improved. In addition to this, European businesses offer maternity, paternity, and sick leave.

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