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Federal Skilled Worker Program

One of the three main economic immigration programs in Canada is the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), which is controlled through the Express Entry system. Express entry is an online system that is used to manage immigration applications from skilled workers. There are three categories of immigration processes managed through the express entry system:

  • Canadian Experienced Class:  this is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience for 3 years and are willing to become Canada PR.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: skilled workers with foreign work experience having linguistic abilities and are willing to migrate permanently to Canada are eligible for FSWP.

  • Federal Skilled Trade Programs: skilled workers who are willing to become permanent residents in Canada and have relevant qualifications can apply under this program.

Candidates can apply for permanent residency through the FSWP if they have suitable foreign work experience and have no connections to Canada.

Requirements for Federal Skill Worker Program

Candidates who want to apply for Canada PR are ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), a point-based system used by the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Candidates applying under the FSWP do not require having Canadian work experience in order to be considered for the Express Entry pool, in contrast to the other two Express Entry programs, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

The points-based technique assigns a CRS score to applicants in the pool based on certain characteristics. We can help you in determining your eligibility criteria in following different categories; according to this points are awarded:

  • Age

  • Level of education

  • Experience

  • Second official language ability

  • Employment experience in Canada.

  • Adaptability

Skill Type 0 (zero) - Management positions such as restaurant managers, traders in the retail and wholesale, managers in the food service and hospitality sector, and more are included in this category.

Skill level A- includes a variety of job categories like Information Technology (IT) occupations, engineering and construction vocations, legal careers, and more. These positions typically require a degree from an accredited university.

Skill level B- Technical and skilled trade professions, such as those for cooks, plumbers, general office employees, retail salespeople, and others, that typically require a college degree or apprenticeship training fall under this category.

Eligibility for Federal Skill Worker Program

Important Prerequisites for FSWP Applicants

Candidates must meet the requirements mentioned below in order to be accepted into the Express Entry Pool as Federal Skilled Workers:

  • Possess one year of paid full-time work experience, or ten years of comparable part-time work, in one of the 347 qualified occupations listed in the NOC system, or National Occupational Classification.

  • The work experience must be categorised as one of the following Skill Types inside the NOC system:

  • Professional Jobs with a Skill Level of A and Managerial Jobs with a Skill Level of 0

  • B Skill Level for Skilled Trades and Technical Professions

  • Obtain sufficient scores on the six-factor point’s grid for skilled employees, where the current passing score is 67 points.

  • To demonstrate intermediate language proficiency in French or another language, take a test from an authorised third party.

  • Level 7 of the Canadian Language Standard for English

  • Possess the necessary monetary resources to settle in Canada

  • Medical and criminal background check.

In order to apply for Federal skill worker program, interested candidates must first submit an Express Entry profile to IRCC. The candidate’s eligibility to apply for a Canada PR visa is not guaranteed by the submission of their profiles. Upon submitting their profiles to Express Entry, they will receive CRS scores, and in following Express Entry draw, they will be given consideration for ITAs for PR Visas.

In Express Entry, when submitting a profile through FSWP, you must include the following documents:

  • Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA)

Candidates who received their education outside of Canada need to have a designated organization evaluate their qualifications. Five organizations in Canada are permitted to issue ECA reports. For certificates earned from Canadian educational institutions, this is not required.

  • Results of Language Proficiency Tests

The IELTS and CELPIP are recognized assessments for English language proficiency. Every applicant for the FSWP is expected to provide the results of a language test they have taken within the last two years.

  • Document Verification

You must include information from your identification documents when you submit a profile for Express Entry via FSWP. It is mandatory to provide a current passport, along with those of any member of your family who will be travelling with you.

  • Get your ITA

 Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you will receive an ITA for the PR visa. You have 60 days during this stage to prepare

How to apply for FSWP?



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