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PEI PNP Program

The PNP of Prince Edward Island is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking immigration to Canada. The PEI PNP streamlines the process for people to apply for Canadian permanent residency. Over 1,000 immigrants from around the world arrive to PEI every year. To make PEI feel more like home, community organizations offer settlement assistance that is focused on employment initiatives and language learning.

Highlights of PEI PNP Program

  • The required Canadian Language Benchmark score for each module is five bands.

  • In addition to their present CRS score, the nominated candidates can receive a bonus of 600 points in the Express Entry pool.

  • Six to seven months are needed for processing.

  • Various streams to accommodate applicants from a variety of backgrounds and the demands of the PEI labour market

  • Entrepreneurs can apply under Business Impact Category.

  • International graduates, those with a Semi-skilled, and those with a skilled labour may apply under the Labour Impact Category.

Streams under PEI PNP program

  1. The PEI PNP offers provinces the chance to nominate immigrants through various immigration streams. This could expedite their permanent residence in Canada, depending on which category they fit into:

  2. PEI Express Entry

  3. Effect on PEI Businesses and Labor

  • The Prince Edward Island Express Entry stream enables applicants who have been invited by the immigration authorities of Prince Edward Island to apply for and be granted a provincial nomination. This results in an increase of 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for immigration to Canada on a subsequent Express Draw. Find out your CRS score and increase your chances of receiving an ITA for a Canada PR visa in the upcoming round of invitations by using our CRS calculator.

  • One of many streams managed by the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP), the Prince Edward Island Express Entry stream exclusively coordinates with the federal Express Entry program.

How to apply for PEI PNP through express entry?

Steps to apply for PEI PNP

  • Below is a breakdown of how to apply for PEI PNP through Express Entry:

  • Find out if you qualified for the Express Entry program

  • Create an Express Entry profile if you are eligible.

  • Establish a profile in the EOI system on Prince Edward Island.

  • Get a Prince Edward Island application and upload it to your Express Entry profile to gain an extra 600 CRS points.

  • Get an ITA for a PR visa for Canada.

  • Send in your application for a PR visa together with any necessary paperwork.

  • Get a PR visa for Canada

  • According to the following criteria, PEI PNP points are awarded:

  • Age- 20 points

  • Language- 20 points

  •  Education- 15 points

  • Work Experience- 15 points with a job offer and 20 without a job offer

  • Employment-15 points with a job offer and 10 points in the absence of any job offer

  • Adaptability- 15 points

How to calculate PEI PNP points?

PEI PNP Processing time

  • The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program's (PEI PNP) processing time varies depending on the application stream you choose as well as other elements including the number of applications received and the intricacy of your case. The processing period for the PEI PNP can often range from a few weeks to a few months.

  • According to information on the PEI government website, the processing times for each stream of the PNP are as follows:

  • Express Entry Stream: 4 to 6 months

  • Effect on Labor: 6 to 8 months

  • Type of Business Impact: 18 to 24 months

  • It's vital to keep in mind that above are the estimates and the processing times may differ accordingly. In Addition to, the PEI PNP may give some applications higher priority than others depending on individual’s criteria.

  • Want to relocate to Canada? The Provincial Nominee Program for Prince Edward Island might be the best choice for you! Under this scheme, the province is able to recommend people for Canadian permanent residence. The PEI PNP is created to assist Prince Edward Island's economic development objectives by attracting qualified people and business owners who can strengthen the local economy and community.

  • The PEI PNP may be a desirable alternative to take into account if you are interested in migrating to PEI. We will update you with the recent information you require regarding the application procedure and solve all your immigration-related queries to migrate to your Dream destination.

  • Contact our immigration experts to relocate to your preferred destination now!


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