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Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

One of Canada's most diversified provinces is Saskatchewan. It offers thriving arts and culture, beautiful provincial parks, and a wide range of opportunities. Saskatchewan, which is recognised as the birthplace of Medicare, has access to free health care and best medical services. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program provides applicants with a path to immigration. Read this blog to understand in detail about the SINP program.

Why Saskatchewan PNP?

  1. The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program provides applicants with a path to migrate to Canada. Under SINP province can:

  2. Invite non-Canadians who are willing to move to Saskatchewan to submit applications for permanent residence in Canada.

  3. The applications of successful candidates for permanent residence in Canada are submitted to the federal government

  4. The first step in becoming a permanent resident of Saskatchewan is to get a nomination through SINP.

  5. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) then prepare the applications that SINP has accepted for permanent residence in Canada.

  • SINP provides applicants with:

  • Application processing speeds that are competitive

  • Help from provincial immigration officers who can clarify procedures

  • The final decision on SINP nominations is made by the Government of Saskatchewan. Successful applicants will be designated as SINP nominees when they submit an application to the IRCC for permanent resident status.

  • If you meet the requirements for the program, you can apply for the SINP. Make sure your applications are accurate and your supporting paperwork is up to date.

BENEFITS of Saskatchewan PNP

Different categories for Saskatchewan provincial Nominee Program

  • There are 3 immigration programs under the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee program:

1. International Skilled Worker Program in Saskatchewan

  • Sub-Category Employment Offer in Saskatchewan

  • Saskatchewan's Occupation-In-Demand Subcategory

  • Sub-Category: Express Entry in Saskatchewan

2. Saskatchewan Experience Program

  • Skilled worker having existing work permit

  • Semi-skilled agriculture worker with having existing work permit

  • Health professional

  • The pilot project hospitality sector

  • Long haul truck drivers

  • Saskatchewan student stream

3. Program for Business Immigration in Saskatchewan

  • Entrepreneur

  • International graduate Entrepreneur

  • Farm operators

  • A Bachelor's degree

  • In Saskatchewan, a trade certification equates to an applicant's status

  • Two (but not more than three) years of study at a university, college, trade school, or other post-secondary institution are necessary to get a Canadian equivalency diploma.

Requirements to apply for Saskatchewan PNP

Points to note

  • Go for International Skilled Worker Employment Offer, if you have been offered a job and satisfy the requirements.

  • If you match the requirements and have an Express Entry profile number, go for International Skilled Worker Saskatchewan Express Entry.

  • If you match the requirements but do not yet have an express entry profile number or a job offer, check International Skilled Worker: In-Demand Professions

  • Through the SINP Program, we have assisted thousands of individuals to successfully move to Canada with their families. Our knowledgeable and experienced immigration experts are capable of accurately evaluating your situation and recommending the best course of action for meeting your demands.

  • We will provide you services like:

  • Profile Analysis: We match your particular profile history according to the criteria for visa eligibility and advise you the best option to apply.

  • Design you’re CV: In a specific way that follows Saskatchewan format, this will definitely increase your chances of getting job offer.

  • Document verification: Assist you in gathering all the necessary paperwork required to apply for your PR visa.

  • Professional assistance: We will always be there for you, whether you need assistance with application forms, medical, samples for resumes, cover letters, or French/English classes.

  • Dedicated Case-Officer: Throughout the procedure, we will provide you with individualised support and experienced immigration experts to solve all your immigration queries.

  • Post Landing Services: To help you to feel more comfortable when you arrive in your dream destination, we will provide you with information beforehand. Offering our clients post landing services is one of our specialties.

  • Contact our immigration experts to start your application process now!

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