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BC PNP Points Calculator

In order to effectively handle the provincial nomination requests for skilled immigrants, the British Columbia PNP launched the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) also known as BC PNP Points Calculator in January 2016.

British Columbia uses SIRS, a points-based registration and application system, to choose the finest candidates for open positions. You demonstrate your interest in applying to BC PNP by registering. What is British Columbia PNP?

The most economically advanced and welcoming Canadian province is British Columbia. Over 35,000 immigrants are fascinated by the province every year. It provides a good standard of living, and Vancouver is one of the world's most livable cities. British Columbia established a new scoring system in January 2016 to significantly streamline the state's Provincial Nominee Program.

Three entry options are available for skilled individuals under British Columbia's Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS).

  • British Columbia Express Entry

  • Immigration of Skilled Workers

Business Immigration

BC PNP Calculator process

  1. Registration

You can submit a registration to the BC PNP if you and your employer meet the program requirements and your employer is willing to support your request.

Please be aware that if you fall under one of the following categories, you can apply via BCPNP Online without registering:                 

  • Healthcare Professional

  • BC International Post-Graduate

  • International Post-Graduate

  • Healthcare Professional

The Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is required for registration. SIRS is a dynamic intake management system that enables the BC PNP to provide first priority to candidates who will have a significant influence on the province's economy. You will get a score based on the data you supply because it's a points-based system.

  1. Invitation

An invitation to apply under the Skills Immigration stream will be sent to eligible candidates

under the Skilled Worker, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled, and International Graduate categories.

Invitations are sent out in accordance with the nomination allocation and processing capability of the BC PNP. A registration does not; ensure that you will receive an application invitation.

Your ranking will be determined by your score, which is determined by SIRS based on your employment, your offered salary, your work history, education, and language proficiency.

  1. Application for Nomination- Candidates for the positions of Skilled Worker, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled and International Graduate may apply online after getting an invitation. Healthcare professionals and international post-graduate applicants can apply immediately through BCPNP Online without requiring an invitation.

  2. IRCC Permanent residence application

Please submit a complete application for permanent residence to the specified IRCC visa office after receiving your BC PNP confirmation of nomination. Your application must be submitted before the expiration date on your nomination certificate.

  • A written offer of employment

  • Evidence of funds required to maintain themselves and their family

  • Valid travel documentation, including a passport

  • Documents Proving a person's Right to be in Canada

  • Educational credentials (degree, diploma, and certificates)

  • Employment Reference Letters

  • Results of the IELTS language test

  • Police clearance and certificate

Documents required for BC PNP

How can I Calculate my SIRS score?

  • The SIRS point system considers a number of elements when determining an immigration candidate's eligibility. These elements are:

  • The offer of a BC Job's skill level

  • The BC job offer's salary

  • Regional employment district

  • Relevant professional experience

  • Language

  • Highest level of education

  • A candidate must be employed full-time by a British Columbian employer who is ready to support them in British Columbia during the entire BC PNP process. If you have a graduate degree from one of the B.C. universities, a job offer letter is not necessary.

  • Compared to other Provincial Nominee Programs, the BC PNP is renowned for its quick and simple application process. The amount of applications the federal government receives shows how long the procedure will take. After the submission of your profile, the estimated time frame for the BC PNP is between 4-6 months. However, timing may vary depending on the applicant's information and the various categories.

BC PNP processing time

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